Client: Asale Javaheri
Date: 2017-2020
Service: Rebranding, Packaging
Category: Food

Khansar honey as the country’s first organic honey, thinks of change the packaging of it’s to strategic products, the first step in solving this issue is to examine the previous packaging and identify the market and marketing problems, Khansar honey has a long history in this field and product visibility is too important for customer, we need an structure that in addition keeping the glass container safe and the product be fully visible. The main rival of this product is foreign and expensive brands that have gained a good place in the market with high-quality of packaging. Considering the customers and the hometown of this honey and the organic nature of this product, we went to the bear illustration and showing the landscapes of the city of Khansar. Using the bear was helpful in two directions for us because bear is the familiar picture and in the legends of this city bear are one of the city symbol’s. Eventually this package was designed for unifloral honey and special honey and was entered the market.

Rayehe khansar| Organic Hony Partner: Reyhane alesheykh Client:Rayehe honey. Service: Packaging and corporate identity Design Date: 2017

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